The types of the publication processing are as follows:

* Rapid Publication (USD 300):

Accepted papers will be published about 2 months later.
*Paypal (Credit card) is the only payment method. The bank transfer is not supported.
*The extra fee USD100 will be requested if authors do not use the "IJIES_Format.docx".

Note: Extra page charge USD 50 per extra page will be requested if the paper length exceeds 10 pages.

* Free Publication Charge (Excellent Citation Award):

Publication charge will be refunded to Excellent Citation Award recipients.

* Special Issue:

Publication fee for one paper is USD1,200.

For more information about submitting a special issue proposal, please contact the IJIES Office.

* Important Announcement:

Publication fees will change after 2023 SCOPUS CiteScore is published.

Rapid Publication (USD 300) (Note: Regular Publication will be closed.)