Dear Authors

The International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems (IJIES) is welcoming contributions related with the journal's scope. The IJIES is managed by volunteers.

Requirements of Paper

Papers published in the IJIES journal should have the contents that contribute to the scientific research or technology, and should satisfy the following requirements (1) through (6) below.

(1) The paper is objectively judged to have creativity. (Creativity)

(2) The paper is objectively judged to have originality. (Originality)

(3) The paper is useful to the development of the scientific research or the technology. (Usefulness)

(4) The paper contains no obvious error.

(5) The paper is non-problematic with respect to copyright laws.

(6) The paper should not be published in the released publications prior to submission to the IJIES journal.

* The review article (Survey research) is not acceptable for publication.

* Standard number of pages is 8. (The papers must be 8 pages or more.)

* Maximum page length is 10 pages.

Peer-Review Process and Publication Schedule

For Rapid Publication:

The review process of IJIES consists of two processes: 1st review and 2nd review. Each process requires about 2 weeks to review your manuscript. In general, decisions will be made after peer-review. (see Reviewer Guidelines)

Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by two reviewers: a member of the editorial committee and one referee requested to review the paper. The editor-in-chief will summarize the reports from the referees, and send a final decision to author(s).

The author(s) will be notified by email of the decision within 1 month of receipt of the manuscript. Notification will be in the form of, Evaluation A (Accept as it is), Evaluation B (Accept after minor revision), Evaluation C (Accept after major revision), or Evaluation D (Reject).

The IJIES journal is published bi-monthly, in late February, late April, late June, late August, late October, and late December. Submissions may be made at any time

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice

Manuscript submitted to this journal signifies that it has not been published previously, has not been copyrighted, has not been submitted elsewhere and the author(s) agrees that the copyright for article will be transferred to the publisher upon acceptance of the article. Any act of plagiarism is totally unacceptable.

If the plagiarism is detected, the manuscript may be rejected and the author's institution/employer notified. Besides, a fine of USD5,000 is requested to authors.

Digital Preservation Policy

The INASS is committed to preserving the all intellectual contents. We provide reliable long-term preservation for digital content, with access to the extent legally possible, in ways that maximize the contributions of researchers and make the most efficient use of available resources. By periodical backup and RAID1 constitution, the reliable long-term preservation for digital content is provided. Furthermore, DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers are provided to the papers published in IJIES journal.