Dear Reviewers

To maintain quality of the IJIES journal, your review is a vital part of the publishing process. You are asked to make an evaluation and provide recommendations to ensure the scientific quality of the manuscript, including figures and tables. Our publishing agreements require peer review to be undertaken in accordance with the principles outlined below.

Rules for Paper Screening

(1) Does the paper fit within the stated scope of the journal?

(2) Does the paper add new knowledge to the overall body of scientific understanding?

(3) Is the paper free of errors in logic?

(4) Do the conclusions follow from the evidence?

(5) Is methodology explained in sufficient detail?

(6) Is previous work cited and represented correctly?

(7) Is information conveyed clearly enough to be understood by readers?

(8) Are all figures and tables necessary and appropriate?

* Based on the evaluation report from reviewers, the editor-in-chief decides acceptance or rejection as categorized below, and then notify the author accordingly.

(Evaluation A) Accept

(Evaluation B) Accept after minor revision

(Evaluation C) Accept after major revision

(Evaluation D) Reject

Evaluation Report

Reviewers are requested to submit the following review form to the IJIES editorial office via e-mail:

Download Review Form :
IJIES Review Form