Contents &
Papers 2020

Volume 13,

Issue 1

FEB 2020

(29 February, 2020)

Contents & Papers

Multimodal Biometric Authentication System Using Modified ReliefF Feature Selection and Multi Support Vector Machine

Gavisiddappa, Shivakumar Mahadevappa, Chandrashekar Mohan Patil

Robust Feature Extraction and Classification Based Automated Human Action Recognition System for Multiple Datasets

Jagadeesh Basavaiah, Chandrashekar Mohan Patil

Medical Image Fusion Using Integrated Guided Nonlinear Anisotropic Filtering with Image Statistics

Mummadi Gowthami Reddy, Palagiri Veera Narayana Reddy, Patil Ramana Reddy

VTD Protocol: A Cluster based Trust Model for Secure Communication in VANET

Charles Brijilal Ruban, Balasubramanian Paramasivan

A Modified Compressed Sensing-Based Decomposition Approach to Analyze Electrodermal Activity Signals Using Matrix-Free Convex Optimization

Sudarsan Prabhakaran, Niranjil Kumar Ayyamperumal

A Low-Complexity PAPR Reduction for Space-Time Block Code MIMO-OFDM by using modified-PTS with ABC-Concurrent Algorithm

Pitchaya Boontra, Tanairat Mata, Pisit Boonsrimuang

Object Detection Using Adaptive Mask RCNN in Optical Remote Sensing Images

Amira S. Mahmoud, Sayed A. Mohamed, Reda A. El-Khoribi, Hisham M. AbdelSalam

A New Enhancement on PSO Algorithm for Combined Economic-Emission Load Dispatch Issues

Rashid H. Al-Rubayi, Mohammed Kdair Abd, Firas M. F. Flaih

Hybrid Approach of Structural Lyric and Audio Segments for Detecting Song Emotion

Fika Hastarita Rachman, Riyanarto Sarno, Chastine Fatichah

A Fast Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Image Denoising Problem

Eman Karam Elsayed, Dina Refaet Salem, Mohammed Aly

A New Method to Enhance Fingerprint Image Reconstruction Using Deep Boltzmann Machine

Nouf Saeed Alotaibi

A Novel Approach to Detect the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Based on the Color Orthonormal Basis Entropy (COBE) and the Distribution of the Pixel Intensity (DoPI)

Arif Muntasa, Muhammad Yusuf

A Heuristic Approach for Scheduling in Heterogeneous Distributed Embedded Systems

Sethakarn Prongnuch, Suchada Sitjongsataporn, Theerayod Wiangtong

Modified Floyd Warshall Algorithm for Cache Management in Information Centric Network

Boddepalli Kiran Kumar, Edara Srinivasan Reddy

A Neural Network Model for Efficient Antonymy-Synonymy Classification by Exploiting Co-occurrence Contexts and Word-Structure Patterns

Van-Tan Bui, Phuong-Thai Nguyen, Van-Lam Pham, Thanh-Quy Ngo

Identifying Dominant Characteristics of Students’ Cognitive Domain on Clustering-based Classification

Yuni Yamasari, Supeno M. S. Nugroho, Kayo Yoshimoto, Hideya Takahashi, Mauridhi H. Purnomo

Overlay Cognitive Radio NOMA Networks with Selected Relay and Direct Link

Nam-Soo Kim

A Filter Based Improved Decision Tree Sentiment Classification Model for Real-Time Amazon Product Review Data

Maganti Syamala, Nattanmai Jeganathan Nalini

The Allowable Time Approach of the Uncertain Task for Three U-shaped Lines with the Minimum Workstations

Suthep Varnasilpin, Ruedee Masuchun

A New Improved Baum-Welch Algorithm for Unsupervised Learning for Continuous-Time HMM Using Spark

Imad Sassi, Samir Anter, Abdelkrim Bekkhoucha

Compact Antenna for UHF-RFID Tag Tested on the Human Body for Identification Cards

Yassine Gmih, Abdelmajid Farchi

Joint Time Reversal Precoding and Spatial Diversity Technique for Acoustic Communication in Shallow Water Environment

Yuning Widiarti, Wirawan Wirawan, Suwadi Suwadi

Comparative Study of Active Disturbance Rejection Control with RST Control for Variable Wind Speed Turbine Based on Doubly Fed Induction Generator Connected to the Grid

Mohssine Chakib, Tamou Nasser, Ahmed Essadki

Decentralized Control of Cooperative Robotics System Using Neural Networks for the Purpose of an Object Balancing Flat Plate Tasks

Nattapon Jaisumroum, Pholchai Chotiprayanakul, Wipoo Sriseubsai

Fuzzy Logic Control for NLOS Identification Method in an Indoor Environment Using UWB Technology

Abbas Albaidhani, Ahlam Alsudani

Analysis, Design, and Manufacture of a Compact UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Operating in a Metallic or Non-Metallic Environments

Younes El hachimi, Abdelmajid Farchi

Credibility Detection in Twitter Using Word N-gram Analysis and Supervised Machine Learning Techniques

Noha Y. Hassan, Wael H. Gomaa, Ghada A. Khoriba, Mohammed H. Haggag

Soft Cosine Gradient and Gaussian Mixture Joint Probability Recommender System for Online Social Networks

Balasubramanian Gayathri Devi, Venkatasubbu Pattabiraman

IoT Based Bus Arrival Time Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Smart Public Transport System (SPTS)

Jalaney Jabamony, Ganesh Ramaswamy Shanmugavel

Building a Knowledge Base Shell Based on Exploring Text Semantic Relations from Arabic Text

Amira M. Idrees, Essam M. Shaaban

Optimization of Feature Selection Using Genetic Algorithm in Naïve Bayes Classification for Incomplete Data

Bain Khusnul Khotimah, Miswanto Miswanto, Herry Suprajitno

An Effective Fuzzy Neural Network with Reinforcement Learning Approach for Medical Data Classification

Panem Penchala Prasad, Fidele Sagayaraj Francis, Soudagar Zahoor Ul Huq

ABNC: Adaptive Border Node Clustering Using Genes Fusion Based on Genetic Algorithm to Support the Stability of Cluster in VANET

Ronald Adrian, Selo Sulistyo, I Wayan Mustika, Sahirul Alam

Optimal Control of Robotic Arm System to Improve Flux Distribution on Dual Parabola Dish Concentrator

Asepta Surya Wardhana, Mochamad Ashari, Heri Suryoatmojo

Optimal Network Reconfiguration and DG Integration in Power Distribution Systems Using Enhanced Water Cycle Algorithm

Sarmad Ibrahim, Shamam Alwash, Ahmed Aldhahab