Contents &
Papers 2023

Volume 16,

Issue 2

APR 2023

(30 April, 2023)

Contents & Papers

Performance Analysis of Indoor Light Fidelity Technology Propagation Using Fixed and Movable LED Panels

Fauza Khair, I Wayan Mustika, Dodi Zulherman, Fakhriy Hario P

HSIS-Net: Hyperspectral Image Segmentation Using Multi-view Active Learning Based FCSN

Mantena Krishna Satya Varma, Raja Kulasekaran, Nynalasetti Konadala Kameswara Rao

Hybrid Statistical and Texture Features with DenseNet 121 for Breast Cancer Classification

Gurusiddayya Hiremath, Jose Alex Mathew, Naveen Kumar Boraiah

Hybrid AE-MLP: Hybrid Deep Learning Model Based on Autoencoder and Multilayer Perceptron Model for Intrusion Detection System

Duaa Al-Safaar, Wathiq Laftah Al-Yaseen

Towards for Designing Educational System Using Role-Based Access Control

Maha Kadhim Kabier, Ali A. Yassin, Zaid Ameen Abduljabbar

Effective Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Belief Network with Enhanced Dragonfly Optimization Algorithm

Gouri Bompem, Nagaraju Chiluka, Dhanalakshmi Pandluri

Enhanced Jellyfish Search Optimizer for Collaborative Team Formation in Social Network

Mustafa Abdul Salam, Nashwa Nageh Ahmed, Ahmed Elshamy, Abdel Wahab Said Hassan, Mostafa Sami

Hazy Image Enhancement Using DCP and AHE Algorithms with YIQ Colour Space

Nadia A. Khalaf, Hazim G. Daway, Baida M Ahmed

Quaternary-Child Crossover for Genetic Algorithm in Real-Time Scheduling Optimization

Furkan Rabee, Israa Jazaery, Kamlesh Kumar

Lightweight Authentication Enhancement Using Arnold Chaotic Map and Markov-Chain for Internet of Things Applications

Waleed Kareem. Ahmed, Rana Saad Mohammed

A Novel Association Rule Mining Model for Generating Positive and Negative Association Rules with Hybridized Meta-Heuristic Development

Peddi Kishor, Sammulal Porika

A Sequence-to-Sequence Text Summarization Using Long Short-Term Memory Based Neural Approach

Dipti Yashodhan Sakhare

Cross Domain Hybrid Feature Fusion based Sarcastic Opinion Recognition Over E-Commerce Reviews Using Adversarial Transfer Learning

Parvati Kadli, Vidyavathi B M

A Graph-based Method for Merging Business Process Models by Considering Semantic Similarity

Kelly Rossa Sungkono, Riyanarto Sarno, Maisie Chiara Salsabila, Chintya Prema Dewi

Improvement of Apriori Algorithm Performance Using the TID-List Vertical Approach and Data Partitioning

Moch. Syahrir, Anthony Anggrawan

Efficient ECG Beats Classification Techniques for The Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection Based on Wavelet Transformation

Zahraa Ch. Oleiwi, Ebtesam N. AlShemmary, Salam Al-augby

Intensified Convolutional Neural Network for Enhancing Quality of Encrypted and Compressed Optical Images

Jayaseelan Loganathan, Sureshkumar Chinnaiyan

Multi-Objective Robot Path Planning Using an Improved Hunter Prey Optimization Algorithm

Jaafar Ahmed Abdulsaheb, Dheyaa Jasim Kadhim

LotkaVoltera and Elman Hebbian Recurrent Neural Network Cache-Based Resource Allocation in Fog Environment

S.V. Nethaji, M. Chidambaram

A Modified Block Backstepping Controller for Autonomous Vehicle Lane Changing

Mazin Ismael Al-Saedi

Deep Neural Network-based Approach for Accurate Vehicle Counting

Mohamed S. Sawah, Shereen A. Taie, Mohamed Hasan Ibrahim, Shereen A. Hussein

Quad Tournament Optimizer: A Novel Metaheuristic Based on Tournament Among Four Strategies

Purba Daru Kusuma, Meta Kallista

Parallel Implementation of Statistical DBSCAN Algorithm for Spark-based Clustering on Google Cloud Platform

Ahmad M. Awaad, Hesham Hefny

Simultaneous Optimal Network Reconfiguration and Allocation of Four Different Distributed Generation Types in Radial Distribution Networks Using a Graph Theory-Based MPSO Algorithm

Azza. R. Abd El-maksoud, A. H. Ahmed, S. Hasan

Privacy Security System for Video Data Transmission in Edge-Fog-cloud Environment

Ekhlas K. Gbashi, Abeer Tariq Maolood, Yaseen Naser Jurn

Sleep Quality Assessment from Robust Heart and Muscle Fatigue Estimation Using Supervised Machine Learning

Nada Fitrieyatul Hikmah, Rachmad Setiawan, Mohammad Daffa Gunawan

Optic Disc Localization in Retinal Fundus Images Based on You Only Look Once Network (YOLO)

Hussein Mahdi Ali, Nidhal K. El Abbadi

Development of Predictive Voltage Controller Design for PEM Fuel Cell System based on Identifier Model

Fatima Abdul Sattar AL-Taie, Ahmed Sabah Al-Araji

Hybrid Metaheuristic for Solving Maritime Inventory Routing Problem in Bulk Product Transportation

Antono Adhi, Nurhadi Siswanto, Budi Santosa

Meta Triplet Learning for Multiview Sign Language Recognition

Suneetha Mopidevi, Prasad M.V.D, Venkata Vijay Kishore Polurie, Anil Kumar Dande

An examination of Groundnut Crop Leaves to Identify the Chlorophyll Deficiency Before Visible Symptoms

Janani M, Jebakumar R

An Effective Hybrid Convolutional-Modified Extreme Learning Machine in Early Stage Diabetic Retinopathy

Dian Candra Rini Novitasari, Fatmawati, Rimuljo Hendradi, Yuniar Farida, Ricky Eka Putra, Rinda Nariswari, Rizal Amegia Saputra, Rr Diah Nugraheni Setyowati

Heuristic Approach on Robot Formation to Find a Gas Leak Source

Dony Hutabarat, Muhammad Rivai, Muhammad Agung Nursyeha, Djoko Purwanto, Sheva Aulia

Planning the Optimal 3D Quadcopter Trajectory Using a Delivery System-Based Hybrid Algorithm

Abbas A. Kareem, Bashra K. Oleiwi, Mohamed J. Mohamed

Multiple Interaction Optimizer: A Novel Metaheuristic and Its Application to Solve Order Allocation Problem

Purba Daru Kusuma, Astri Novianty

Handwritten Character Recognition Using Morlet Stacked Sparse Auto Encoder based Feature Dimension Reduction

Keerthi Prasad Ganeshaiah, Vinay Hegde

Unprecedented Security Analysis Results for a Novel Steganography Approach Based on Protein Sequences

Radhwan Jawad Kadhim, Hussein K. Khafaji

Deep Learning-Based Rate Prediction Model for Recommender System Using Clustering Techniques

Ammar Abdulsalam Al-Asadi, Mahdi Nsaif Jasim

High Reliability Through Cache Failure Minimization Technique for Workload Execution Under Multi-Core Edge-Cloud Platforms

Hrushikesh Joshi, Uttam Patil, Kuldeep Sambrekar

An Adaptive Compression Technique for Efficient Video Reconstruction in Future Generation Wireless Network

Aruna Kumar Bananaik Thulajanaik, Naganaik Manjanaik

A Novel Method Based on Interpolation for Accurate 3D Reconstruction from CT Images

Waad Q. Shiaa, Amjad B. Abdulghafour, Omar H. Hassoon

An Ensemble Feature Optimization for an Effective Heart Disease Prediction Model

Kavitha Chandrashekar, Anitha Tuluvanooru Narayanreddy

Secure Cluster based Routing Using Multiobjective Trust Centric Reptile Search Algorithm for WSN

Seresane Venkata Krishna Reddy, Jayanthi Keshava Murthy

Effective Quantum Key Distribution Using Modified Key Sifting Scheme for Cloud Storage Security

Varsha Pravin Hole, Nikahat Mulla, Pravin Basavraj Hole

MobileNetV2 Ensemble Segmentation for Mandibular on Panoramic Radiography

Nur Nafi’iyah, Chastine Fatichah, Darlis Herumurti, Eha Renwi Astuti, Ramadhan Hardani Putra

The Impact Study of Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations Loading to Thailand’s Northeast Power System and DRG Integration Planning to Reduce Power Congestion

Narumon Wannoi, Chaisit Wannoi, Chai Chompooin-inwai, Nirudh Jirasuwankul, Churirat Boonkhun

An Effective Semantic Mathematical Model for Skin Cancer Classification Using a Saliency-based Level Set with Improved Boundary Indicator Function

Sukesh Hoskote Aswathanarayana, Sundeep Kumar Kanipakapatnam

Developing New Pairwise Sequence Alignment Method Based on Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm

Rana H. Saloom, Hussein K. Khafaji

A Logic Design-based Approach for Frequent Itemsets Mining Using LCO Algorithm

Oday Ahmed Al-Ghanimi, Hussein K. Khafaji

Improved ABC Algorithm Based 3D Otsu for Breast Mass Segmentation in Mammogram Images

Ajay Mamindla, Ramadevi Y